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Hankook Tire Adds Nissan Altima to Growing OE Portfolio

Premium global tire maker Hankook Tire has partnered with Nissan to provide tires for the 2019 Nissan Altima and has begun supplying tires to the automaker .

Hankook Tire will equip the Altima with its Kinergy GT tire [pattern H436], an all season tire renowned for its handling in both wet and dry conditions. With safety and durability in mind, Hankook developed the Kinergy GT with a specific tire tread pattern to enhance performance when driving in rain or snow. Adding to the tire’s performance characteristics are its low rolling resistance profile and rubber compound, which help maximize fuel efficiency and lifespan.

The Altima is traditionally among the most popular mid-size sedans. The new 2019 Nissan Altima features world’s first VC-turbo engine and is the company’s first sedan to offer intelligent all-wheel drive. With the newly added features, it can give all-weather capability that no other sedan is able to.

The fitment covers models of the Altima in two sizes: 215/60R16H and 235/40R19V. Hankook Tire is the sole supplier of 19-inch tires to the 2019 Altima currently. Hankook Tire has been supplying OE tires to other models from Nissan including the latest Altima Rogue, and Frontier.

The fitment on Nissan’s all-time favorite sedan represents another step forward for Hankook Tire, which continues to expand its presence in the original equipment and replacement tire markets. “Our Kinergy GT tire is known for its swift adaptations to different road conditions, providing drivers with a pleasant driving experience,” said Hyun Jun Cho, Head of OE Division. “It is only appropriate that a car as renowned as the Nissan Altima be equipped with some of the best tires in the market.”

The partnership with Nissan is the latest example of Hankook Tire’s steady growth in the global tire market, especially in the United States. The company is fueling its momentum through industry-leading innovation and a tailored focus on the needs of regional consumers and automakers.