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Saudi female journalists visit Hankook Tire HQs

SEOUL – Bin Shihon Group Co. Ltd, the exclusive distributor of Hankook Tire in Saudi Arabia, recently organized a delegation visit of Saudi Arabian media to Hankook Tire facilities.

Cooperation between Hankook Tire and the Bin Shihon Group began in 1969 and this year marks the 50th anniversary of the partnership. Based on the strong partnership, Bin Shihon periodically organizes trips to one of the most important plants of global tire production.

This time, the tour was dedicated to women of Saudi Arabia. This is in line with the golden period of Saudi Arabian women toward the vision of 2030, which enables and encourages women in all fields to more actively engage in social activities. Saudi Arabian women from major general dailies and global influencers of major digital channels visited some of Hankook Tire’s most advanced facilities.

One of the highlights of the tour was Hankook Technodome, Hankook Tire’s main research and development center. Located in Daejeon, Korea, Hankook Technodome plays a key role as the global R&D hub, developing original and future tire technologies. The delegates also visited Hankook Tire’s Geumsan Plant, renowned as the world’s largest tire-only manufacturing plant spanning across 919,702m2.

Hankook Tire’s President & CEO Hyun Bum Cho extended a warm welcome, saying “we hope our guests have enjoyed their trip to South Korea, specifically their visit to some of our proudest facilities. We will continue our relentless journey to become a global top-tier tire company so that we are ready share our innovations once again.”

VP Marwan Bin-Shihon from Bin Shihon Group said “we really appreciate our extraordinary and fruitful relationship that has extended over the years with Hankook Tire. We believe that this partnership is a result of a shared mutual respect, vision, and goals, which produced extraordinary results and exceptional returns that further strengthen our partnership.” — SG