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Saudi Hankook Racing Team participated strongly In 24 Hour Race

Motorsport activities for this season started early, where Saudi Hankook Racing Team participated in Dubai 24 Hour Race, which was held at Dubai Autodrome on Friday, 12/1/2018, with the participation of 91 cars and 300 drivers from all around the world.

Saudi Hankook Racing Team has chosen to participate in the race in GT3 class, which is one of the strongest and most competitive classes of the race, where a lot of veteran drivers prefer to race in this class; as it represents a true challenge for both the racers and the manufacturers.

This year’s participants from Saudi Arabia included Prince Saud bin Turki Al-Faisal and Saeed Al Mouri, captain of Saudi Hankook Racing Team, who has won this race last year in 991 class, as well as Prince Abdul-Aziz Turki Al-Faisal of Black Falcon Racing Team.

The race began with a strong start from all the contestants to fortify and hold onto the lead, but unfortunately the car of the Saudi Hankook Racing Team broke down, and took a long time to repair it, which caused them significant time delay, and thus they came 87. However, the vast experience of both Prince Saud bin Turki and Saeed Al Mouri contributed to the team’s progress dramatically and finishing the race in 45 places.

As usual, Saudi Hankook Racing Team used Hankook tire model F200 in their car in view of its high performance, durability, and strong coherence with the road surface on high speed driving and curving, which cemented the team’s capability to compete and finished the race in 45 places.

On this occasion, Saeed Al Mouri, captain of the Saudi Hankook Racing Team, commented as saying:” It was a difficult experience, Dubai 24H Race is one of the world’s toughest endurance races, where only professional racers can race in on really potent cars. Yes, we experienced a technical problem, otherwise we were capable to achieve very advance place, especially as we were using Hankook tire model F 200, which is capable to operate under hard driving conditions. I am pleased to take this opportunity to thank Bin Shihon Group, the exclusive distributor of Hankook tires in Saudi Arabia, for their continued support and confidence in the Saudi Hankook Racing Team, and promise them to attain advanced places in all the races to come. Meanwhile, I would like to point out that our team will participate in Hail Rally Championship, which will take place during this week, and we aspire to achieve the title of the race”.