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Strong participation of Saudi Hankook Racing Team in Hail Rally 2018

Following their participation in Dubai 24H race last week, where the team presented their high performance and capability to handle toughest races, Saudi Hankook Racing Team, sponsored and supervised by Bin Shihon Group, the exclusive distributor of Hankook tires in Saudi Arabia, achieved an advance place in the 13th edition of Hail International Rally, the longest and the most difficult rally in the region.

Despite the short time between the two races, Saudi Hankook Racing Team succeeded in marketing his participation in Hail Rally 2018, which is organized by the Supreme Commission for Hail Development, and under the supervision of the Saudi Arabian Motor Federation. The rally consists of 4 stages with a total length of 1400 km of all tracks, and participation of 23 racing teams from around the world.

The Saudi Hankook Racing Team took part in the rally in T2 class, on-board Nissan Patrol vehicle fitted with Hankook DynaPro, the best on/off-road tire for 4×4 vehicles, which utilizes a tough pattern design and the block structure to overcome any road with strong coherence on dry and wet road surfaces, and delivers responsive handling with a strong preventing slipping capability.

The team posted prime positions and once led the race, which depicts the rough rivalry of the rally, and the great desire of all contestants to achieve advance places. Nevertheless, the Saudi Hankook Racing Team came 5th in the overall rating, which is a great achievement is in view of the number of participants and their vast experience.

Upon the conclusion of the rally, Saeed Al Mouri, Captain of the Saudi Hankook Racing Team, said:” It is very hard to switch between circuit races and rally races within a short period of time, however, we managed to cope well with the nature of Hail Rally, which is the main challenge for all racers and vehicles, especially for tires. Based on my previous knowledge and experience in Hail Rally, I used Hankook DynaPro tires in my car, which had a larger role in achieving this result”.

He added: “We really were betrayed by the luck in this race, at the beginning we posted advanced places and even led the race, but we faced trouble in our navigation system, causing us the loss of valuable time. On this occasion, I would like to thank Bin Shihon Group and Hankook Tire for their ongoing support for the Saudi Hankook Racing Team”.