Real Estate & Contracting

BIN-SHIHON CONTRACTING is a leading General Contracting and Construction Company specialized in Buildings, Civil, Infrastructure and Logistics Services for the Public and the Private Sectors.

The Company is now considered one of the fastest growing contracting companies in Saudi Arabia. It has also been classified by the Saudi Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs as one of the top contractors in the country.

This Bin-Shihon company follows a strict mechanism to improve performance and adopts the latest and advanced construction methods. Our success and proficiency in the work is a result of the qualified management and engineering staff and consultants we have.

BIN-SHIHON CONTRACTING always delivers products and services to meet their client’s requirements by performing with remarkable efficiency and reliability from design to construction. The Company provides its clients the confidence that their projects will be delivered safely, on-time, within budget, and with the highest quality.

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Other Divisions

Trucks & Machinery

Established in 2008, machinery solutions meets to the growing demand for trucks and heavy equipment in the contracting and transports sector. Eestablished with the aim to become one of the

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Service Equipments

In 2014 Bin-Shihon Group realized the growing demand for “around the wheel” service equipment. This was in line with the increase in car imports and accordingly growth in number of service centers,

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Batteries & Lubricants

Although Saudi Arabia is one of the biggest and most lucrative markets for Batteries, Lubricants, and Tubes in the GCC. It was not until 2014, that that the division was

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