The tire division represents Hankook and Laufenn Tires. Bin-Shihon Group is the largest tire dealer in the Kingdom as well as the largest tire distributor.

Bin-Shihon Group Tires Division is distributor of full range for cars, trucks, industrial, agricultural and earth mover vehicles in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Sales and distribution is achieved through an appointed dealer network which is supported by the Division’s own showrooms in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. A centralized warehousing and logistics operation ensures that products are always available to the dealers.tire-circlesmall1

Through close cooperation with Tires Manufacturer, the dealers receive first class technical support, which is also available directly to customers. Dealer staff training is of paramount importance and regular training programmes are conducted at the Division training centre to ensure the tires are correctly fitted and maintained and quality and customer satisfaction is achieved.

Bin-Shihon Group Tires Division prides itself on professionalism and has an excellent reputation in the industry, receiving the Distributor of the Year Awards from the Hankook on many occasions.

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