Our Company

Our Company

Bin-Shihon Group Co., Ltd. has established business partnerships that unite concepts, technology, goods, services, individuals, and financial resources.

With a history of steady growth, we have evolved into one of Saudi Arabia’s largest privately owned enterprises.

Led by the sons of Late Mohammed Bin-Shihon, our focus remains on developing innovative and robust business ventures, drawing from our extensive experience and successful practices in the Saudi and Gulf markets.

Our main focus is on the development of innovative and capable business enterprises.
We proudly represent 51  prominent brands and have fruitful alliances with 27 companies.

Our endeavor to deliver quality work, customer satisfaction, and long term planning paid off as we are positioned today amongst the top companies in our respective lines of business.

Leadership. Ethics. Excellence.

For seven decades, we have pursued excellence, professionalism, and high performance. Today, we proudly lead the way in Saudi Arabia across sectors such as:

  • Tires

  • Batteries

  • Lubricants

  • Car Services

  • Household

  • Real Estate

  • Service Equipment

  • Crushers

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are a leading diversified Saudi enterprise, playing a pivotal role in national and regional development. Committed to being the preferred partner for our associates, customers, and employees, we are long-term investors, focusing on progress and value. Through the delivery of top-quality products, services, and technologies, we aim to enrich Saudi Arabia and the broader region.



Since our inception, Bin-Shihon Group has established enduring business connections that transcend geographic and national boundaries. These collaborations leverage the finest global resources, including ideas, technology, products, services, people, and capital. Our enduring partnerships with high-quality allies serve as the cornerstone of our success, bridging the gap between the Arabian Gulf and global markets.



Though diverse in nature and location, the companies within Bin-Shihon Group share a common business ethos. In our pursuit of success, we leave no opportunity or prospect unexplored, opening every door in our path.



Built on strong foundations including robust beginnings, steadfast alliances, superior products and services, strategic investments, talented personnel, and unwavering integrity, Bin-Shihon Group embodies the values instilled by our founder, Mohammed Bin-Shihon. These strengths have fueled our exceptional growth over the past half-century.

Message from the Vice President

As Vice President of Bin-Shihon Group of Companies, I reflect with pride and gratitude on our remarkable growth and achievements.

Our success is rooted in our profound understanding of the diverse industry sectors we serve across Saudi Arabia.

Through diligent effort, we have established a strong presence, a network of company-owned offices and partnerships, and a robust operational infrastructure.

These assets enable us to deliver top-tier products and services to our valued customers and business partners.

Our growth would not have been possible without customers who demand and expect high-quality results, relying on us for efficient and professional products and services.

I extend special thanks to our highly trained and motivated employees, whose contributions are integral to our success.

Ultimately, our accomplishments are a testament to God’s blessings and the unwavering support provided by our wise government to companies across Saudi Arabia.

Committed to excellence, we will continue to seek out the latest technology, products, and services to exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

Marwan Bin-Shihon
Vice President