Our Company

Our Company


The Bin-Shihon Group was established more than 70 years of history based in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Bin-Shihon Group provide a broad and diverse range of products and services through our core business sectors – Real Estate, Household, Batteries & Lubricants, Tires, Construction, Equipment, Industrial Products, and many others. Bin-Shihon Group has forged business relationships that bring together ideas, technology, products, services, people and capital, growing steadily over time to become one of Saudi Arabia’s largest privately owned enterprises.

The Bin-Shihon Group is headed by the sons of Late Mohammed Bin-Shihon and is focused on the development of innovative and capable business enterprises, based on the extensive and prosperous practices and experience of the Group, as well as, its established position in the Saudi and Gulf markets.

The Bin-Shihon Group’s vision for continued success is based on four linked concepts; vision, prospects, coalitions, and vigor.

Leadership. Ethics. Excellence.

Since our establishment 70 years ago, we strived for excellence, professionalism and high performance.  Today, we proudly stand as a pioneer in Saudi Arabia in the following sectors:

  • Tires

  • Batteries

  • Lubricants

  • Car Services

  • Household

  • Real Estate

  • Service Equipment

  • Crushers

Our main focus is on the development of innovative and capable business enterprises.
We proudly represent 51  prominent brands and have fruitful alliances with 27 companies.
Our endeavor to deliver quality work, customer satisfaction, and long term planning paid off as we are positioned today amongst the top companies in our respective lines of business.

Our Vision

Our Vision

We are a leading diversified Saudi enterprise and a key participant in the field of national and regional development. We do our utmost to be the partner of preference for our business associates, customers and employees. We are long term investors with a particular converge on progress and worth. We bring to Saudi Arabia, and the broader region, top-quality products, services and technologies.



From its launch, the Bin-Shihon Group has forged business connections that go beyond geographic and national barriers. These bring together the very best resources the world has to offer – ideas,technology, products, services, people and capital. Durable alliance with high quality partners are the heart of its success as a bridge between the Arabian Gulf and global markets.



As diverse and distinct in nature as they are in location, the companies of the Bin-Shihon Group are nonetheless connected by a common business belief. In the drive to succeed, no opportunity or prospect should remain unexplored, no door should remain unopened.



Strong beginnings, strong alliances, strong products and services, strong investments, strong people, strong operating companies, strong character – values embedded by our founder, Mohammed Bin-Shihon, in all that we undertake. Underpinned by these strengths, the Group has demonstrated exceptional growth over the past half century.

Message from the Vice President

As Vice President of Bin-Shihon Group of Companies, I look back with pride and gratitude at the astonishing growth and tremendous achievements of our business.

Our strength resides in our in-depth knowledge of the various industry sectors we serve across Saudi Arabia. We worked hard to develop a strong position, a network of company-owned offices and partnerships and a solid operational infrastructure which allowed us to deliver top-notch products and services to our valuable customers and business partners.

Our growth would not have been possible without customers who expect, demand, and require high quality results, calling upon us when they require efficient and high professional products and services.

Special thanks and recognition goes out as well to all our highly trained and motivated employees who are involved in many ways in the success of our businesses.

Last but not least, our success is due to God's blessings and to the unlimited support generously provided by our wise government to companies across Saudi Arabia.

We are committed to excellence and will continue to look for the latest technology, products and services that exceed the expectations of our clients and partners.

Marwan Bin-Shihon
Vice President