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Hankook Racing Team, led by Captain Saeed Al-Mouri, achieved the top place of the G2 Category in the Hill Climb Racing, Within the first stage of the Saudi Championship competitions.

The leader of the Saudi Hankook Racing Team, Captain Saeed Al-Mouri, achieved the first place in the G2 Category during the first round of the Hill Climb Racing, within the Saudi Toyota Championship competitions held between 22 and 23 July in Al-Baha Region. However, Al-Taif and Asir regions will host the next two rounds. Al-Mouri was able to reaffirm that he is the best choice after he accepted the nominations to lead and achieve the first stage of the tournament, which witnessed the participation of thirty contestants from outside and inside the Kingdom. However, Hankook F200 tires showed outstanding performance during the racing, that took place amid difficult mountainous terrain, which increased the excitement of competing for first places.