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Hankook Racing Team claims 2022 Saudi Toyota Championship

JEDDAH — Saudi Hankook Racing Team has dominated to clinch the most share of the first places in the Saudi Toyota Championship 2022 held recently at Jeddah Corniche Motor Racing Circuit. Motor racing champion Capt. Saeed Al-Mouri succeeded in winning the first place in the Time Attack Race category, while his teammate Capt. Mohammed Al-Orabi won the drifting championship, making Hankook the overall champion of the tournament after winning two of the three race categories.

During this strong and exciting championship, the team relied on Hankook F200 tires, which were fitted to Capt. Al Mouri’s car in the Time Attack Race, while Capt. Al Orabi’s car started in the drift race after being fitted with Hankook K127 tires.

On this occasion Capt. Al-Mouri confirmed that he and his teammate Capt. Al-Orabi succeeded in translating the efforts of the whole members of the team and the substantial support they find from Bin-Shihon Group, the exclusive dealers of Hankook tires in Saudi Arabia, noting that this achievement will be added to the team’s outstanding series of championships during the current season of motor racing in the various regions of the Kingdom.

However, Marwan Bin-Shihon, vice chairman of the Board of Directors of Bin-Shihon Group, congratulated the Saudi Hankook Racing Team for achieving the Drifting and Time Attack championships in the Saudi Toyota Championship 2022.

He stressed that the team’s consecutive achievement of top places in the championships reflects the great work that is being done within the team, not only from Capt. Al-Mouri and Capt. Al-Orabi, but from the entire team members in various disciplines in order to reach these results. He explained that the work will continue in order to serve Saudi motorsport, which is witnessing great development in light of Vision 2030, which paid great attention to the sports sector and paid it a large part of its attention.

It is noteworthy that Hankook tires is the major supplier of tires to major global car manufacturers such as Mercedes-Benz, Audi, BMW, Porsche, Volkswagen and Tesla. — SG