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Bin-Shihon Group Company Ltd. joins the Gulf Authorized Economic Operator

December 2023: Bin-Shihon Group Company Ltd. officially joined the membership of the “Gulf Authorized Economic Operator”, which grants its members to facilitate import and export operations, facilitate customs clearance procedures, release goods, and contribute to enhancing security and safety in the supply chain in regional and global trade. The group was granted membership after it met all the requirements for joining the Gulf Authorized Economic Operator.

Regarding the group’s accession to the membership of the Gulf Authorized Economic Operator, Mr. Marwan Bin Shihon, Vice Chairman of the Group’s Board of Directors, spoke, saying: “We in the group are keen on the governance of all transactions so that they are compatible with all local and external regulations that are related to the company’s business, and from this basis came the group’s accession to membership.” “Gulf Authorized Economic Operator”, which achieves many common advantages between the relevant authorities and companies as an initiative to build and develop partnership and cooperation relations with the private sector, and consists of an integrated system of specific steps and procedures carried out by a team specialized in assessing compliance to verify the requirements of the program under which facilities and privileges are granted. For companies that meet these requirements, of which, thanks to God, our group was one of them.”